Please help me!?!!?!

Which dress do you like better, the blue one or the nude one??

  1. tigerloveranna answered: blue
  2. pink-just-because answered: hmmm i like the blue one =]
  3. thosechocolatebrowneyes answered: blue :)
  4. asupercleverurl answered: the nude
  5. shelbyrose17 answered: Nude. <3
  6. kjkillerface answered: bothh
  7. caffeinecolds answered: nude !!!! waaaaayy prettier.
  8. alexsweetgirl answered: nude one :)
  9. pearlybeaches answered: ariana grande wore the nude one!
  10. forever-barbieee answered: white/cream.
  11. fashiongirljackie answered: nude
  12. damngoodomens answered: blue!
  13. nothingelsemattersxxx answered: nude!
  14. fuckyeah-kayla answered: nude
  15. whenyouthoughtyoudneverstandout answered: blue
  16. foreverdaydreamernigga answered: Nude(;
  17. hpunkr answered: nude
  18. bxtch-igotswagg answered: Nude
  19. sans-cire answered: i like the nude one because in the summer if you have a tan then its really pretty :) xx
  20. placesmywanderingmindtakesme answered: Nude. It looks elegant.
  21. life-is-beautiful-so-liveit answered: Blue!
  22. november-smile answered: Blue <3
  23. umzayn answered: blueee!
  24. hayolr answered: Blue x x
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  26. suuckker answered: nude!
  27. harmonizingly answered: Blue!
  28. vvaver answered: the nude one
  29. convictstruth-s answered: blue
  30. iamlordtubington answered: I think the blue one is really pretty if you have any skin tone but the white is beter if u have tan skin
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